Healy Quantum Distance Frequencies


Profound  Rebalancing - Emotionally, Physically & Energetically

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144,000 Frequencies

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Healy harmonizes, corrects and rebalances our Bioenergetic field. The Bioenergetic field is the major operating system for the physical body, so that when we correct these imbalances, it corrects the underlying problems that can be at the source of our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness issues. 

Healy Frequencies For Your Life 

The Healy is Designed to Harmonize your BioEnergetic Field

The Healy (TM) is an FDA approved Bioenergetic Frequency Device. It was founded and developed in Germany by Marcus Schmieke, with deep roots in quantum physics, spirituality and consciousness, supported by researcher, Nuno Nina, frequency applications and cell biology expert. The Healy is based on the Prototype model of the Timewaver (timewaver.com), which has had decades of safe use and research. 

Rebalancing and up-regulating our frequency patterns is one of the most important things we can do to improve our health and emotional-spiritual wellbeing. Our underlying bioenergetic blueprint is the main operating system for our physical bodies and emotional health, and when it is out of of balance it reflects in our overall emotional and physical health. Trauma, adverse childhood events, exposure to toxins and e-smog, poor nutrient foods, negative thought patterns all generate low frequencies patterns in our being and thus can create poor health and emotional disturbances. 


 Dis-regulated Low Frequency Patterns Generates Incoherence


The impact of low-frequency patterns may not only have an impact on our health, but can also play a huge role in our thinking patterns which have an enormous impact on our relationships, decision making, belief systems, feelings of self-worth and self- esteem.


High Coherent  Frequencies Optimize Health and Brain Function

High level coherent frequencies, on the other hand, lend to all aspects of our system running more efficiently, effectively and aligned with the blueprint of optimal health, from our individual cells, organs, systems of the body and our emotional states. When our brain function and emotional states are running more smoothly, all other aspects of our health and body systems function better. 


Healy Resonance Aligns to your Individual Frequency Channel


Modern Radio Technology and Telecommunications

Modern technology has been advancing at an extraordinary pace. Within the span of the past 20 yrs there has been a move away from landline phones, with cellphone use now having gone from 11 million to 2.5 billion users. The cellphone transfers your voice into electrical signals that go to a nearby cell tower and then sent to the person you are calling, within microseconds....even if they are all the way on the other side of the planet.....Extraordinary!! This could not have been dreamed possible a generation ago.

Healy Distance - Frequency Rebalancing - Healing

All objects, people things are made up of fields of energy and information. Frequency or Energy Rebalancing/Healing work is based on the principle of quantum physics, which states that energy is not limited by space or time, so that it can travel at anytime to anyplace. Distance energy healing works with equal effectiveness as if in person.

Different distant healing practices, such as distance prayer, reiki, emotion code and body code, and sound healing, to name few, have been proving their profound effectiveness for years. The new technology of the Healy is able to provide 144,000 different frequencies that can be sent to any individual who chooses to receive the frequencies anywhere around the world

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The Body is Designed to Heal Itself - Healy Helps it do so

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Healy Programs

 Gold Cycle

 Bioenergetic Support

 Meridians 1 & 2

 Mental Balance

 Bioenergetic Harmony 1

 Bioenergetic Harmony 2








 Aura Analyse and Resonance

Bach Flower Remedies

Australian Flower Remedies

Alaskan Elixers

Materia Medica


Healy-Quantum-Distance Resonance Sessions

Initial Healy Package Sessions  (3 programs for 5 consecutive days) - $197

Includes Initial 60 minute consultation with Healy session and the the following 4 days - 3 frequency programs sent each day with (PDF) results. 

Types of Healy programs (Programs selected based on goals and priorities):

1. Aura analysis and frequency rebalancing.

2. The Healy Gold cycle programs: release, being, pure (detox), care, balance, energy, relax. 

3. Flower Remedy programs

4. Alaskan Gem Elixir programs (crystal frequencies)

5. Priorities that come up in the 'All Healy Programs' that may include: Meridian programs, Bioenergetic programs, Protection programs, Mental Balance, Chakra Balance, Deep Cycle programs, Materia Medica, Skin and Beauty programs, Sleep, Job, Fitness , Beauty and Learning programs. 

Follow-up  Healy Distance Frequency Sessions  (After Initial Healy Consultation)- $97

Includes 3 program frequencies sent each day with (PDF) results  5 consecutive days :

Types of Healy Programs (Programs selected based on goals and priorities):

1. An Aura analysis and frequency rebalancing.

2. The Healy Gold cycle programs: release, being, pure (detox), care, balance, energy, relax.

3. Flower Remedy programs: Bach or Australian Flower frequency remedies

4.  Alaskan Gem Elixir programs (crystal frequencies)

5. A priority that comes up in the 'All Healy Programs' that may include: Meridian programs, Bioenergetic programs, Protection programs, Mental Balance, Chakra balance, Deep Cycle programs, Materia Medica, Skin and Beauty programs, Sleep, Job, Fitness and Learning programs. 

Sessions include Harmonizing Healy Frequencies that will be sent through the Healy Resonance System and a  detailed PDF summary of your session will be sent to your Email after each session

Contraindications for Healy Use
  • Pregnancy

  • Pacemaker

  • Epilepsy

  • Metal Implants

  • Medications - See list below

Important Things to be Aware of When using Frequency Applications

Within the framework of Holistic Healing approaches, certain shifts, such as strengthening of the body's own mechanisms are possible through frequency applications. As the body's  systems improve the levels needed for medications may change. 


If you are using Healy while taking medications, it is recommended that you have the dose periodically checked by your doctor, especially if you are taking the following medications:

  • Blood thinners

  • Antidiabetes medications

  • Blood pressure lowering medications

  • Hormones (especially thyroid hormones)

  • Beta Blockers

After scheduling your appointment Please complete the Online Intake Form

You do Not need to attend your scheduled appointment time for Healy Sessions

Healy Frequency Remote sessions and Results will be sent between 24-48 hrs of Scheduling and Completing your Intake Form

Healy Distance Session Testimonial 

I started treatments with Healy about 3 weeks ago.  I believed in it almost immediately as I could feel shifts within that were unique and timely (some small and some large).  And then to read the Healy Report Analysis was so telling about the workings of my psyche.  So many “Ah-Ha” moments when Healy reported areas that were so timely to struggles of that particular part of the day or lifelong challenges.  Since I began the treatment, I have felt more comfortable in my skin, much better able to separate myself from the message / messenger.  I don’t feel the burden and heaviness of taking everything personally and if I start to, then I can figure my way through to see what’s my stuff and what’s theirs.  I also feel stronger (mind, body & soul) & have more feelings of peace, safety, gratefulness, resiliency, & a freedom to be true to who I am.  I've also noticed how my physical pain seems to have significantly lessened & at times almost disappears altogether.  Thank you Clare and Healy!   P.C.